Pen Tablets

Pen tablets are popular among comic artists, graphic designers, digital artists and many more for their professional work as well for fun. A pen tablet would save your time and make the whole process of creating artwork is fun and less stressful. Also we live in digital age where everything is computerized. Another popular name for pen tablets is Graphic Tablet.

A pen tablet is a computer hardware input device which helps user to hand-draw graphics, images or any object with a pen like device calls as stylus. Graphic tablet comes in 2 parts, touch-sensitive drawing surface and stylus. Whatever you draw on drawing surface using the stylus transferred into computer software which you use to edit and complete the drawing.

There are so many drawing tablet makers but Wacom is the most popular among all. There are wide range of Wacom tablets to choose depending on your need. Cheaper devices which are ideal for hobbyist who want to draw their artwork digitally and more expensive devices for professional designers and artists.

Wacom Pen Tablets

Wacom used to an very popular low cost tablet series called Bamboo but now their entire graphic tablet line separates into 2 groups. A high-end very expensive series called Cintiq pen display series and Intuos pen tablets which are for artists and graphic designers.

Wacom Intuos Series

Intuos series has 2 sub series. Intuos Pro, high-performance pen tablet with multi-touch capabilities which is more suitable to career graphic artists and designers. Intuos series which is for hobbyists.

Wacom Cintiq Series

Cintiq Series has seven display pen devices for designers, photographers  and other creative professionals can work naturally and intuitively directly on the surface of the display. All these devices have full HD resolution and extra wide viewing angle. Also inldudes the most advanced pressure and tilt-sensitive pen technology in market today which replicates the natural effects and experience of working with conventional tools such as pens, markers, and brushes.

Other Pen Tablet Brands

Apart from Wacom there are several graphic tablet brands in market. Even though Wacom has the biggest market share these other companies also provide tablets for low-end tablet market and also for specialist needs. Few popular brands you can find today are,

    • Ugee
    • Huion
    • PenPower
    • Genius
    • Adesso

These other brands have cheaper options than Wacom for hobbyists and artists. Important factor is sometimes cheapest option is not the best option out there and sometimes it can become a nightmare for user. This is probably why other brands don’t have too many positive reviews also the reason for Wacom to hold the biggest market share without much competition.